Best Blower Solutions Available111

  • Maximum Pressure : 1040 MBAR---1.04 BAR---1.05 KG/CM2---15.1 PSI---10600 MMWC---418 IN WC---104000 Pa---104 Kpa

  • Maximum Vacuum : 730 MBAR---0.73 BAR---0.74 KG/CM2---547 MM HG---21.5 IN HG---293 IN WC---10.6 PSI---547 TORR---73000 Pa---73 Kpa

  • Maximum Flow : 2050 M3/HR---34.2 M3/MIN---1210 CFM---72400 CU.FT/HR---34200 LITRES/MIN

  • Maximum Power : 25 KW---34 HP---25000 WATTS

Ring Blowers / Side Channel Blowers / Regenerative Blowers / Vortex Blowers / Turbine Blowers / High Pressure Blowers / Vacuum Blowers / High Vacuum Blowers / Turbo Blowers / Lateral Channel Blowers / Ring Compressors

Introduction to Blowers

These Blowers are suitable for all those applications requiring considerably higher pressure or vacuum, than those which can be achieved using centrifugal blower. The rotating parts are not in contact with the casing. Therefore there is no friction during operation and thus no internal lubrication is necessary. Air moving through the blower, therefore remains uncontaminated and is completely oil-free.

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The main Features

  • Higher Pressure Ratio
  • 100% Oil-Free Continuous High Pressure Air Flow
  • Blower Can Be Used For Pressure Or Vacuum Applications
  • Low Noise Level (65dba Normal, 85 dba Max.)
  • 110% Overload Protection

  • Dust Proof Polymer Shaft Seal
  • Low Temperature Rise
  • Pulsation- Free Discharge
  • Light And Compact But Sturdy Aesthetically Appealing Design
  • CNC Machined For Close Tolerances And Better Performance

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  • Some Typical Applications

    • Pneumatic Conveying of Solids / Liquids
    • Blowing Away Debris / Sucking Away Debris
    • Furnace Fuel Burning / Oil Atomization
    • Industrial Vacuum Cleaning
    • Air Bearing / Air Mattress

  • Areas Of Blower Applications

    • Effluent Treatment Plants
    • Sewage Treatment Plants
    • Waste Water Theater Plants
    • Swimming Pool
    • Spa

  • Details of some Applications

    • Blower For Agitation
    • Blower in Place of Vacuum Pump
    • Blower for Pneumatic Conveying Systems
    • Blower For Printing
    • Blower For Food Processing

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