Belt or Alternate or Separate Drive Ring Blower

RING BLOWERS (also known as Regenerative, Side Channel, Turbo, Turbine, Vortex, Vacuum, High Vacuum, High Pressure, Ring Compressor, Lateral Channel Blowers) normally comes in construction wherein Electric Motor is directly mounted on to blower body. In certain applications such a construction becomes a restrictive feature. Belt or Alternate or Separate drive Ring Blower offers, Ring Blower without motor and with extended shaft construction. This feature allows user, to connect this blower, to drive of his choice. These blowers can be coupled to Electric motors of special construction like Flame Proof motors, Explosion proof motors, High efficiency motors, High speed motors etc. Alternate drive can be mechanical like coupling to diesel / petrol engine or another mechanical device or air motor or hydraulic motor etc. A standard two pole electric motor offers rotating speeds of 2850 rpm at 50 Hz frequency. When such a motor is connected to a Ring blower, it offers flow, pressure and vacuum at this speed. However, with belt pulley drive, you can increase impeller speed, to rotate at maximum limiting speeds up to 5000 RPM. This will enhance the flow, pressure and vacuum performance from these blowers.