Installation And Maintenance Guide


RAICO RING BLOWERS are used for generating vacuum or pressure with Air and Non-flammable, non-aggressive, nontoxic and non-explosive gases or gas-air mixtures. With differing gases/gas-air mixtures.
They are equipped with Single or three phase AC drive motor with a standard protected IP-54 design.

They are available in the following designs :

  • Single Impeller
  • Two Impeller

Two Impeller Blower units in turn differ in the following designs:

  • Two-stage design (For increased pressure difference)
  • Double flow design (For increased feed volume)

They are intended for industrial application.
They are designed for continuous operation

Electrical Data

See Label on Blower


a) Temperatures
     Ambient temperature :
     Max permissible Temperature : + 40 Degree C [+104 Degree F]
     Min permissible Temperature : - 30 Degree C [-22 Degree F]
     Nominal value : + 25 Degree C [+ 77 Degree F]
     Ambient temperatures between 25 Degree C [+77 Degree F] and 40 Degree C [+104 Degree F] affect the permissible total pressure difference.
     NEMA CLASS F insulation system is used for the motor

b) Pressures
     Max discharge pressure during compressor operation See label on Blower

c) Installation altitude
     Max. Of 1,000 m [3280ft] above sea level

d) Minimum distances
     To ensure sufficient cooling of the Blower unit, it is absolutely necessary that the minimum 150mm clearance is allowed all around.

e) Noise radiation
     To reduce the noise radiation, the following must be observed :
     Do not mount Blower unit on noise conducting or noise radiating parts (e.g. thin walls or sheet-metal plates) Provide Blower unit with sound insulating intermediate      layers (e.g. rubber buffers under the base of the Blower unit) if necessary.
     Install the Blower unit on a stable foundation or on a rigid mounting surface. This provides for smooth, low-vibration running of the Blower unit.

Components for reducing noise on the Blower unit :

Mufflers (included as standard equipment) : On delivery the Blower units are equipped with attached mufflers as standard. The noise radiation is considerably reduced by the mufflers.

Additional mufflers (available as on option) : The additional mufflers enable a further noise reduction. They may only be used with free entry and exit of gases i.e. with direct intake out of or direct feeding into the atmosphere without piping.

Noise protection hoods (available as an option) : Noise protection hoods are suitable for installation in rooms and in the open. They reduce both the total sound pressure level and tonal components that are perceived as particularly annoying.