Information On Design & Blower Manufacturing Process & Blower Performance

Many blowers look same from outside, but may have vast difference in their performance.

To high light this point we give a single case study example.

One of our present customer, used 3 HP blower from another blower manufacturer, to do label transfer operation.

RAICO blower of 1 HP did the same job with a better efficiency.

Other advantages were :

  • Cost of RAICO 1 HP was lesser.
  • Energy saving using RAICO 1 HP blower were tremendous
  • Sound level was reduced.
  • Compact side of blower, allowed user to downsize their machine size, saving cost and space.
  • Sleek Look of redesigned compact machine was more appealing, winning over customers instantly.

We high light following areas where RAICO blower scores over other blower manufactures.





Sand Casted, Porous and Weak Body and components, made from lower cost aluminium alloy.

Pressures die casted high strength aluminium alloy used for making body & parts.

Manufacturing Process

Because of low production numbers, ordinary bench lathes & such machine are used for machining and other operations, resulting in loose tolerances and poor reliability of manufacturing dimensions. 
Post Machining operations are avoided to save cost

High production runs with CNC controlled machining operations, ensuring components are made with precise dimensional control.
Post machines operations like Deburring, Cleaning and Finishing adds value to end product. 


Unbranded cheaper bearing does not
ensure smooth & trouble free running for a long time.

Branded & double sealed high temperature grease filled bearings ensure trouble free long life.


Poor motor quality does not ensure required output & long trouble free life

RAICO motor has IP 55 protection, IE1 efficiency, class F insulation and sturdy rotor and pressure die casted motor body, which ensures good long term performance.


Low production runs does not encourage manufacturer to ensure balancing of impeller and rotor. This leads loss of energy, poor performance, higher noise levels & premature failure.

Dynamic balancing or each & every rotating components, individually and as sub assembly, ensures same trouble free  & silent performances for a long time

 Heat Dissipation

Lots of above factors along with low thermal coefficient of MOC, leads to poor heat dissipation leading to many issues

Good thermal coefficient of MOC and sleek design for heat dissipation allows blower to run cooler.

Noise Level

Number of factors mentioned above leads to higher noise generation, when blower is in operation

Lower Noise level is ensured when each & every finer details are attended.